White Peak
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How to play

sherpa equipment

You are racing to the top. You have to be the first, there is no second place.

In your turn, you can always count on your loyal Sherpa, he will give helping Items, but too many of them can slow you down.

You have to decide how to conquer the Mountain, which pass will be the fastest.

Take your steps (3 in a turn) carefully! You can fall into deep chasms, trigger hidden traps and wild animals are wandering there.

Beware, because you may have to face the Yeti! He doesn't really like visitors. His Favorite hobby is throwing!

sherpa equipment

Oh, I almost forgot, your fellow mountaineers will make your climbing even harder and they will surely try to do everything to stop you.

On the Mountain, there are few safe places too, where you can find special Items, rare Crystals and Camps, where you can take a short rest.

But never forget: the law of the Peak is that the higher you get the more dangerous it gets!

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White Peak will launch on Kickstarter right after development is complete.

Meet the Adventurers

Wu Zheng

Wu spent most of his years in front of a monitor screen as a manager and it is finally time to have some rest.

He has made a bucket list of interesting places to visit based on a list he found on a website.

He didn't read it carefully, as it actually listed the most dangerous places on the planet. First stop: White Peak.

Natasha Antonova

Three-times Olympic gold medalist ski champion, Natasha has done it all, won it all and some more.

She has been a bit bored lately so she decided to ski down from White Peak. Because why not. Easy peasy.

There is a little problem: there are no ski lifts on White Peak. Not a problem for her though.

Jack Cooper

Jack is a tough-as-nails sportsman who has visited pretty much every corner of the world.

He has swum through La Manche all by himself, walked through Antarctica to the South Pole, lived in the Amazonian rainforest for months and so on.

Like everyone else on Earth, he hasn't been able to climb White Peak yet. It's about time for that to change.

Brodie Hancock

Chad, Brodie's brother made a bet with him that he could jump higher than their house. Chad jumped and won because, like, you know, houses cannot jump.

Brodie had the choice to pay him $10 or take a swim in the Pacific Ocean. He chose the latter.

One turn led to the other and Brodie mysteriously found himself at the foothills of White Peak with no idea how to go home. No worries though.

Shaunee Logan

Professional soldier and bodybuilder, Shaunee toured half the world with her unit. Yet, because she had a constant drive to push her limits, requested her reassignment.

Due to an administrative error she was stationed to the most uneventful place on Earth: the foothills of White Peak.

She was furious at first, but then realized, climbing the Peak was the greatest challenge. She strapped her boots and went on to claim the top.

...And the challenges that lie ahead...
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